Chinara Tuganbayeva
Managing Director, AES Consulting Gmbh, Austria
Chinara is the founder of AES Consulting GmbH. AES Consulting is an international advisory group based in Vienna. The main business activity of AES Consulting consists of providing tailor made solutions for private individuals and enterprises from emerging markets countries, in particular from CEE Central Eastern Europe, and Russia.

AES Consulting offers a wide range of professional services along with individual solutions such as asset management, company formation, family trusts, heritage, tax optimization, bank planning/selection, support with account openings and KYC-processes, all organizational issues connected with property search and title, legal support throughout real estate purchase/sales process, in addition to property management. More than 10 years Chinara is providing professional legal support with local authorities in matters concerning obtaining residence in Austria.

She graduated from Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences in Germany with a Master degree in International Business and Economics (M.A.)