St. Raphael Hotel
Conference, Practical Workshops and Seminars
Real Estate Projects Exhibition
May, 14-16, 2018
Limassol, St. Raphael Hotel
BESТ INVEST Conference Gathered International Real Estate Experts
The 4th international conference that took place on May, 14-16 in Limassol promoted specific investment opportunities in Cyprus and gave an overview of International investment climate and opportunities.

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BEST INVEST 2018 is an educational and networking event that is held in Cyprus, now in its fourth year. It includes a Conference, an Exhibition and Presentations of Investment Projects, a Business Cocktail Reception, a Cyprus-India Working Meeting and number of seminars and workshops.

The event will overview the investment market of Cyprus and current Cyprus economy status and look into maximizing opportunities in the real estate sector which is now seeing institutional and international investment increase.

Participants will hear about innovations and new opportunities, understand how developers and investors structure their deals, and learn about the market's future. There will also be a detailed market update foreign countries that are neighbours of Cyprus or may be considered competitors of Cyprus in attracting foreign investors. The panels will also review current investment trends, looking at who is involved and how the market is therefore evolving, as well as examining in detail how to design, deliver and manage successful investment operations.

MAY 14-16, 2018
BEST INVEST Conference United
International Real Estate Experts
The 4th BEST INVEST conference took place in Limassol on May 14-16th. Its aim was to gather together investors and business owners who are ready to engage in fruitful cooperation. The conference was organised by the Successful Business magazine.
A reception welcoming the guests took place on May 14th. Minister of energy, trade, industry and tourism Georgios Lakkotrypis opened the official ceremony.
Meeting of the Working Group of Cyprus-India Cooperation
The first day of the event, May 14th, opened with a meeting of the Working Group of Cyprus-India Cooperation. Among the participants during lectures and panel discussions the following guests were present: High Commissioner of India to Cyprus Dr R.K. Raghavan, President of Cyprus-India Business Association Marios Andreou, Deputy Minister of Shipping Natasa Pilides, MSC Shipmanagement founder and Director General Prabhat Kumar Jha, Royal Commonwealth Society (Cyprus) Director Anna Karafoulidou, lawyer Costas Catsaros, Top Kinisis Travel Vice-President Elena Tanou, and Areti Charidemou, a lawyer and partner of Areti Charidemou & Associates LLC.
The experts discussed the past, present and future Cyprus-India relations. The two countries have always maintained close relationship which grows stronger every year, said High Commissioner. Modern technology plays a major role in this. For the last 50 years India has been putting much effort into levelling up to global technology leaders, and is now ready to offer Cyprus a number of high-class business solutions.

Qualifications of Indian programmers and other specialists are recognised globally, e.g. by Google. Both Cyprus and India are willing to strengthen and further develop their business connections.

Another topic for discussion was the possible measures to be taken on the state level, such as simplification of visa issuing for business and tourist trips, increasing the transparency in the financial sphere, as well as exchange of experience, knowledge and technology. Cyprus and India can find grounds for cooperation not only in the IT sphere, but also in tourism, investments, medicine, industrial production, etc.

Exhibition and Investment Projects Presentation
As part of the BEST INVEST conference, an exhibition of real estate investment projects took place on May 14th. The guests had an opportunity to learn about a number of flagship projects, such as Trilogy, Limassol Del Mar, Zaria, The One, The Icon, as well as about real estate from other market segments. Companies, such as Aristo, Harakis, Imperio, Leptos, Oikos, Pafilia, Shanda, CyField, Marr, BG Waywin, Trilogy, Allea Global, made presentations about their activities on the market. Luxury highrises, modern residential development projects, commercial real estate and investment opportunities—the detailed specifications of these options, including prices, locations and concepts, provided a solid foundation for comparison. Also, the activities of Renaissance Investments, Conculco, and Fiduciana Trust companies were presented to the guests.

Leading Cyprus developers, including Aristo Developers Ltd, Trilogy Limassol Seafront Ltd, Marr Group, Leptos Estates, Oikos Group, Pafilia Property Developers Ltd, Imperio Group, Allea Global Properties Ltd, and CyField Group of Companies, introduced their projects during the exhibition. The experts gave succinct presentations and answered the questions from the audience.
Plenary Sessions
BEST INVEST is not merely a conference, but a large-scale project, which aims at business relations development and strengthening, and at expert training. Hence, the second day of the conference comprised plenary sessions, discussions, seminars, and master-classes.

During the plenary sessions' opening, Limassol Mayor Nicos Nicolaides expressed his gratitude to the guests for their keen interest regarding business communications development in Cyprus. He emphasized the importance of active business people's involvement in the Cyprus economic recovery, and informed the public about the ways of attracting investors to Cyprus and about numerous current opportunities.

The first of the two plenary sessions looked into the latest trends in the Cypriot securities market, as well as opportunities, challenges and risks which the local economy is facing in 2018. Among the participants were the President of the Cyprus Association of Investment Funds Angelos Greoriades, Director of the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) Theodore Panayotou, RCB Vice-President Vladimir Zrazhewski, Chairman and CEO of the ÖL Shipping Group Eberhard Koch, an entrepreneur and venture investor, well-known internationally for his involvement in startups Ajay Goyal, President of the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation Christos Michaelides, Chief Business Development Officer at Point Nine Andreas Roussos, Director of Ioannou and Theodoulou Theodoros Theodoulou, and Millya Group CEO and co-founder Ilya Loshak.

During the discussions moderated by Ajay Goyal and managing director of Fiduciana Trust Limited Anna Homenko, the experts talked about the developments in Cyprus which took place in between the crisis of 2013 and today's economic recovery. The plenary session participants agreed that the achieved financial results were directly connected to foreign investments and to the variety of services and goods offered by the local market.

The second plenary session expanded on the topic of future investments in the commercial and residential real estate. The experts discussed the existing programmes and new prospects of mutual investing along the Cyprus—Russia—Europe—Asia axis. Among the professionals who participated in this meeting were: Investor Relations Director of Consulco Dmitry Khenkin, Director of The Leading Properties of The World (Monaco) Sergey Sander, CEO of Oikos Developers Petros Petrou, Head of Real Estate Sales of Allea Global Properties Elena Narbuts, CEO of Nomera Capital (Portugal) Cristóvão Matos, Managing Director of AES Consulting Gmbh (Austria) Chinara Tuganbayeva, CEO of Plus Properties (Lebanon) Georges Chehwane, Financial Director of Reckon Developments (Ireland) Sergey Tarutin, Chairman of the Planning and Building Committee of the Municipality of Rishon LeZion Michael Raif, and CEO at Lekvi-Group (Czech Republic) Firaz Muinov.

During the discussion moderated by Founding Director of the Imperio Group Yiannis Misirlis, the foreign experts explained what types of real estate attracted the most interest from investors, and what caused that interest, as well as how to manage the demand. The speakers shared their views on attracting potential investors in different countries, and on Cyprus real estate sector's potential.

Seminars and Masterclasses
As part of the BEST INVEST conference, educational events are organised annually. This year three experts shared their unique experience and knowledge with the participants during three-hour seminars, held on May 15-16th.

During the seminar titled 'Attract, Nurture, Convert: The New Rules of Getting Clients Online', an international speaker and coach Justin Devonshire explained the main criteria of working with online market segment. He shared his knowledge regarding how portals and social networks operate, gave examples of efficient running of any website, and elaborated on the potential client's evolution from an interested party to the paying one.
An expert in cultural architecture and change management, Timur Yagdarov, held a session under the title 'Tribal Leadership', explaining how a team's work efficiency can be doubled, what alternative there is to the dominating management style, and what is more important for an employee—one's ego or the common good. The masterclasses were presented in Russian and English.

Ekaterina Stepanova, who works as a Marketing director at Kalinka Group, presented two masterclasses. The first one, 'Personal Charisma and Sales Skills', expounded on such important aspect as a personality's role in the process of increasing effectiveness in the real estate sales. Ms Stepanova shared some reliant tools which allow a 30 per cent growth increase. She also explained how to procrastinate beneficially and to evoke necessary emotional reactions from potential customers. The other masterclass touched upon the creation of effective sales team, art of negotiations, and cooperation with mass media.

Both participants and speakers of the BEST INVEST conference appreciated the very high level of organisation, and expressed their gratitude to the Organising Committee for the opportunity to share their views during discussions and to build business connections in an informal setting.

Conference Program
Monday, May, 14
Meeting of the Working Group of Cyprus-India Cooperation (with participation of officials from High Commission of India, Indian businessmen living in Cyprus and members of the Cyprus-India Business Association).
This event participation is free, by invitation only.
An exhibition of the biggest Cyprus developers. 5 minute presentations of 10 Cypriot projects to invest.
Participation during this hour is free to public.
Official Welcome Reception for the participants of BEST INVEST event and selected guests from Cyprus. The reception is held in the premises of the Exhibition in order to promote investment opportunities in Cyprus.
Event participation is by invitation only.
Tuesday, May, 15
Registration. Morning coffee. Exchange of contacts. Introductions.
Official Opening Ceremony.
Welcome Note from Organisers.
Welcome Remarks from Nicos Nicolaides, the Mayor of Limassol.
Welcome Remarks from Costas Galatariotis, President, Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Welcome Remarks from Mikhail Kuzovlev, Chairman, Russian Council for Cooperation with Cyprus; Chairman of the Board, PJSC Rossiysky Capital.
First Plenary Session.
Economic Climate in Cyprus and Prospects of Further Development of Cypriot Economy.

Latest developments in the Cyprus Funds industry
Angelos Gregoriades, President of the Cyprus Investment Fund Association (CIFA)

Opportunities, Challenges and Risks of the Cyprus Economy
Dr. Theodore Panayiotou, Director of the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM)

‣ Panel Discussion: What to expect from Cyprus in the nearest future?
What can be done to promote new industries? What is it required to make Cyprus attractive for large International business to move their regional Head Quarters to the island? How do we see the prospects of the Cyprus Economy in 2018?

Moderator: Anna Homenko, Managing Director of Fiduciana Trust Limited

Pursuit of Prosperity: 5 Secrets of Success
Ajay Goyal, Entrepreneur & Venture Investor in Hi-Tech & Internet Startups

‣ Panel Discussion: Investments in Real Business.
What can be attractive in tourist sector? What are the opportunities in traditional industries? How does Cyprus business need to change to become attractive for foreign investors? Why IT companies may consider Cyprus as a place to be? Is Cyprus ready to become a centre for innovations?

Moderator: Ajay Goyal, Entrepreneur & Venture Investor in Hi-Tech & Internet Startups
Coffee Break.
Second Plenary Session. Shaping the Future for Investments in Commercial and Residential Property Worldwide.
‣ Compliance and Transparency in Modern Investment Management.
Dmitry Khenkin, Investor Relations Director, Consulco

‣ Handling Real Estate Transactions with Confidence
Constantinos Aristidou, Partner, Democritos Aristidou LLC

Successful Strategies in Elite Property Investments
Sergey Sander, Director, The Leading Properties of The World, Monaco

Panel Discussion 3: Property in an elite segment for foreign buyers. Investments and residence or citizenship.

Moderator: Yiannis Misirlis, Founding Director of the Imperio Group

‣ Overview on property markets of Austria, Portugal, Monaco, Czech Republic, Israel, Ireland, Lebanon.
Experts from different countries known as competitors of Cyprus on attraction of foreign investments will have 5-minute presentations and answer the questions.

‣ Panel Discussion with all speakers: Future of International Property Investments.

‣ Q&A session with all speakers.
Participants of this session will be able to ask questions to the speakers after the main presentations are over and share opinions on diversity of offers and opportunities. For local experts and foreign guests, this session is a perfect opportunity to compare all options that are on the market.



Networking Business Lunch.
Seminars and Practical Workshops.
16.00-19.00 – in English
Workshop by Justin Devonshire.
"Attract, Nurture, Convert: The New Rules of Getting Clients Online"
• How consumer behavior online has changed, and how your website must too
• The 3-Step Buyers' Journey and how to create a magnetic marketing strategy
• How to Use Social Media for ANY Business - how to find and attract a customer

16.00-19.00 – in Russian
Workshop by Timur Yadgarov
Tribal Leadership. Gathering to become great.

16.00-19.00 – in Russian
Workshop for property experts by Ekaterina Stepanova.
Personal Charisma and Sales Skills. How to be efficient and sell with using emotions and personal approach? How to increase sales by 30% using social media? How to plan and successfully execute e-mail campaigns?

Wednesday, May, 16
Seminars and Practical Workshops.
9.00-12.00 – in English
Workshop by Timur Yadgarov
Tribal Leadership. Gathering to become great.
Would you like to double your team's effectiveness? If you already noticed, that people around you:
  • Feed their ego instead of creating value;
  • Hope for a miracle instead of following Kaizen;
  • Keep using old methods and grow up immunity to change;
  • Refuse to acknowledge bad signs.
You will get great value from participation in the master-class by:
  • Learning from the latest knowledge in leadership.
  • Discovering how words can lead to success or downfall.
  • Acquiring new communication tools.
  • Preparing for initial steps towards team excellency.
It is going to be radical shift for your company's culture to create sustainable, effective leadership that gives your company a true competitive edge.

9.00-12.00 – in Russian
Workshop by Ekaterina Stepanova
Isosceles Triangle — Sales, Marketing, PR

· When it comes to promotion abroad what might be the slogan of your country? How does your country position itself? What does it say to potential foreign investors while inviting them to buy business or property there?

· What is the price per square meter in the center of the capital city? Residential properties. Commercial properties. What is the minimum price – in which projects? What is the maximum price and why?

· What is the price per square meter in residential and/or holiday areas? Examples of the most common and usual properties and prices.

· Please show the graph of price changes for the last 10 years for residential and commercial property.

· Please show the list of 5 foreign countries that are the first in buying property in your country.

· What are the advantages and disadvantages of your country property market, compared to Cyprus?

· Your opinion on the property market in your country. Your forecast for the next 12-18 months.

Conference Packages
Business-program participant
€300 incl. VAT
  • Participation in the official welcome cocktail reception (May 14, 19.00-21.00) and all plenary sessions (May, 15, 9.00-13.00).
Participant of the conference
€400 incl. VAT
  • Full event program. All plenary sessions, panel discussions, presentations, workshops, seminars, four coffee breaks, a networking lunch on the 15th of May, exhibition, all conference materials in digital and printed form. There are discounts for participants belonging to the same company.
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