Areti Charidemou
Lawyer, Managing Partner, Areti Charidemou & Associates LLC
Since 1990 Areti Charidemou runs her own Legal Practice, Areti Charidemou & Associates LLC. The practice has grown considerably the last 10 years and it has managed to become one of the top legal firms in Cyprus in the areas of Corporate Services and Property Consulting. Areti holds directorship positions in large corporations in Europe and CIS, deals with advising clients in Cyprus, Europe, Russia and China in corporate restructurings, financing deals, takeovers and mergers, business set-up issues and various other corporate issues.

Since 2011, Areti Charidemou co-established a global alliance of advocates named J&S Legal Counsels and Trustees. In 2012, Areti Charidemou and a team of Lawyers from more than 10 jurisdictions established LEVANT ENERGEY LEGAL LTD, a legal consultants firm specializing in Oil and Gas and Alternative Energy Legal Services.

Participates in a continuing basis, as a Legal Advisor of a Canadian Petroleum Company investing mainly in Oil explorations in Africa.Acting as the Cypriot Lawyers of a Fund Investing in alternative energy projects through subsidiaries in many jurisdictions.
Acting as the Lawyer and Director in an International Collective Investment Scheme (Fund) investing in Real Estate in Moscow.