Ajay Goyal
Creative entrepreneur & venture investor in hi-tech & internet startups
Ajay Goyal has created over a dozen successful ventures in Russia, India, the US, UK, and Cyprus. He is a digital economy evangelist and futurist. He is the author of the acclaimed book "Uncovering Russia" and is a proponent of the theory that a peaceful and prosperous future for humanity will be shaped by three great civilizations of Russia, India, and China. He was a candidate for national parliament in Indian general election in 2009 as an independent candidate on anti-corruption and green development platform. His dignified campaign earned him respect from all national parties and candidates. He lost the elections and dedicated himself to entrepreneurial pursuits again. In 2013 he became one of biggest foreign direct investors in Cyprus economy and created a spiritual retreat in Polis Chrysochous.

Goyal graduated from National Institute of Technology in India and was a TV anchor before leaving India to create a series of ventures in Europe and United States. he believes great businesses are founded on foundations of integrity, dignity, spirituality, and sustainability.

  • Author of Book " Uncovering Russia,"
  • Editor in Chief of "The Russia Journal"
  • Speaker at over 50 conferences
  • Author of 100 analytical articles and several reports on Russia & India politics, economy, international affairs.