Timur Yadgarov
Inspirational speaker
Tim is an expert in Cultural architecture and Change management. He began to do business back in 1993, when he established and led a company in an international trade. Later on he had a successful experience in banking and securities as a top-manager.

His talent and passion is networking, that is why at every workplace he managed to establish a community and make it a part of the global net. He was one of main idea-men, who established an Association for Eurasian Central Securities Depositories in early 2000's. He is an associate-member of Society of International Business Fellows (USA).

He enjoyed collaboration with professors of Harvard Business School and Baden Württemberg Export Academy.

Marketing and Strategic development are his majors; he has a PhD degree in Macroeconomics.

Currently, he involved in several complex post-merger integration and re-organization projects. He has great credentials on his long-lasting projects with Sberbank, URSA Bank, Kapitalbank, Ilim Timber Industry, UFG Asset Management, Nettrader, Yuterra, Technosila and other top Russian companies. Business diagnostics, change management, strategic development and team involvement are his favorite tools in management consulting.

Business owners and CEO's appreciate Tim's advice in team building, assessment and leader's development. He has several success stories in the integration of teams in M&A deals. Mastery in team coaching and creating a mutual vision is widely known about Dr. Yadgarov.

He serves as a master-trainer in a one year Executive Leadership Program of the Moscow International Leadership Academy. Also he delivers lessons to MBA students in the Moscow State International Relations Institute and the Academy of State Service.

Dr.Yadgarov is a well known speaker on client-service issues, as a key business strategy.

Tim Yadgarov is a founder and Chairman of the board in Association for Corporate Growth Moscow, entity which unites hundreds of coaches and business consultants from Russia, US, Germany and other countries. He is a member of board of several companies around the globe.

Tim is a co-founder of One million acts of innovaton Russia - part of global initiative to create innovations for a brighter economic future.

Fund of Russian Economy is one of social project, supported by Tim.

Tim is an outstanding business trainer and professional coach certified by Erickson College International (Vancouver, Canada).