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  • Volha Kniazeva
    Lead Research Scientist
    Dr. Volha Kniazeva is experienced lead scientist with a strong background in R&D project management and laboratory design, skilled in delivering cutting-edge technologies for human health. She has innovative research experience, focusing on infection disease diagnostics and prevention with proven track record of successfully building research laboratories from scratch.

    Currently, she is working at ASBIS Enterprises Plc. with the team of researchers and engineers on developing new solutions for Cold Atmospheric Plasma technology for biomedical applications. The company has already successfully introduced the PERENIO IONIC SHIELD™ PEWOW01COV Cold Plasma Emitter to the market. This device effectively reduces the viral load in the air.

    Volha Kniazeva has successfully formed strong partnerships with academic and research institutions both nationally and internationally, fostering collaborations that span the globe. She boasts a publication history, comprising numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters that have garnered significant citations.

    She holds a doctorate in Microbiology and a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Biophysics.