Pavlos Paradisiotis
Pavlos Paradisiotis, a married father of four, was born in Ora in 1960. After graduating from Higher Technical Institute of Cyprus (Diploma of Marine Officer in Engineering), he continued his studies with a scholarship at University of Missouri at USA, where he gained his MSc in Industrial Engineering in 1986. After successful completion of his education, he returned back to Cyprus and worked at Lord Jeans as a Production Manager. His father, priest Andreas Paradisiotis, started a small breeding unit in order to provide for his family – wife and eight children. This unit was then developed into a family business which led to the establishment of Paradisiotis Ltd in 1988. His brothers urged him to take over the management of the company in 1994, which deals in poultry rearing and production as well as poultry, meat, fish and vegetables trading.

Positions held:
- President of Cyprus Poultry Association.
- Member of the Board of Directors of Cyprus Consumers Association, Parents Associations, Youth Centres, Social Welfare Society, etc.
- Representative of Associations/Organizations in the European Union.
- Member of Local Municipalities Committees.

At present:

- CEO of Paradisiotis Ltd.
- Vice President of Cyprus Poultry Association.
- Vice president of Barcodes Authority (GS1).
- Member of Industry Committee of Limassol Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI).
- Member of the Board of Directors of:
Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB).
Cyprus Institute of Marketing (C.I.M.).
Cyprus Centre of Environmental Research and Education (CY.C.E.R.E.).