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  • Roman Gurskiy
    Head of Games & Entertainment
    Under Roman's lead GEM Capital became one of the world's most active investors in games. GEM Capital was named Best Investor of 2021 by App2top (the leading gaming business media in Eastern Europe). In most recent InvestGame 1H 2022 Gaming Deals Activity Report GEM Capital was included in the list of World's top-15 gaming VC funds (#12 place). Based on rating of Inc., 3 out of 7 most promising gametech companies from Eastern Europe are portfolio companies of GEM Capital. Roman has a strong track of deals with world's leaders of the games market such as Tencent and Microsoft. During his time at GEM Capital Roman made more than 20 deals.

    Before joining GEM Capital's advisory team Roman spent 6 years on different positions including manager in transaction advisory of EY. During his time in EY Roman specialized in valuation and business modelling.