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  • Marianna Prokopi
    Co-founder, Promed Bioscience, Theramir, RSL Revolutionary LabsFounder of Best Invest Congress
    Marianna Prokopi-Demetriades is Molecular Biologist with expertise in stem cell technologies, cancer biology, and nanotherapeutics. She studied molecular & cellular biology, biochemistry, and proteomics (University of London, King's College London). Marianna is skilled in Cancer nanotherapeutics, personalised gene therapies, regenerative medicine, cardiovascular proteomics, Life Sciences, Genetics, and Cell Biology. She holds a PhD in Cardiovascular Medical Research. She is the co-founder of three biotech companies. RSL Revolutionary Labs Ltd develops innovative dermaceuticals for the relief and healing of skin side effects in oncological patients; Promed Bioscience Ltd develops medical biomaterials with 3D-atelocollagen for medical applications, synthesis of 3D-artificial organs and tissues; Theramir Ltd develops new generation personalized therapies and diagnostic platforms for cancer based on nanotechnology and microRNAs.