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  • Heinz Kaegi
    Heinz Kaegi, Mentor of Leaders, Speaker & Best Selling Author, CEO at Kaegi-Leadershift
    After his compelling C-level business career in several industries and an officer career in the Swiss Army, Heinz was the founder of several companies in Europe and in the USA. He lives his passion as international speaker, bestselling author, recognized expert and mentor of visionary leaders.

    His globally unique program called LEX Leadershift Excellence-for-Life™ Experience has already inspired 10,000 of executives. His Swiss bestseller "Gesucht: Leader" has been followed by several book publications, the bestseller is published as well in its English version "Wanted: Leaders".

    Heinz has designed and conducted over 1000 corporate future design processes on 3 continents in 3 languages over the last 30 years. His lectureship as lead lecturer for leadership at a European corporate academy gives evidence to the many compelling models and concepts he has developed and implemented together with his multicultural clientele.

    His passion for "moving leaders from hard work to heart work®" makes him and his impact powerfully inspiring. Heinz Kaegi is the initiator of the Intl. Economy of Heart Foundation. He lives and works from Cyprus and abroad for over 20 years.