CEO of EFG Cyprus
    Costas Stylianou was born in 1965 in Limassol, Cyprus. He completed his degree and professional qualifications in Finance in the UK, and holds an MBA from the University of London.

    Stylianou is the CEO of EFG Cyprus Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of EFG Private Bank Ltd in London (Swiss EFG International's wholly owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom). Additionally, he is a member of the Management Committee of EFG Private Bank Ltd, London.

    Stylianou started his career in banking at Hellenic Bank Ltd in 1989. Later on, between 2003 – 2014, he worked at Alpha Bank Cyprus, where he was the Head of the International Division and a member of the bank's Executive Committee. Between 1995-2003he was a Director at London Forfaiting PLC(UK listed company) and London Forfaiting India, with a focus on emerging markets' debt in Central and Eastern Europe and India.