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  • Christos Onoufriou
    CEO, Odyssey Cybersecurity
    Christos Onoufriou is the CEO of Odyssey, a leading cybersecurity company. Alongside his leadership role at Odyssey, Mr. Onoufriou holds positions as a board member in various business communities and organizations in Cyprus and Greece. One of his notable affiliations is with Techisland, an organization dedicated to advancing the technology and innovation ecosystem in Cyprus. As a board member of Techisland, Mr. Onoufriou actively contributes to promoting and accelerating the development of the technological landscape in the country. Furthermore, Mr. Onoufriou is a board member of Invest Cyprus, the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency. In this capacity, he plays a crucial role in the investment authority of the Cyprus Government, which focuses on attracting and facilitating foreign investment in the country.