• Andreas Panayi
    Co-founder, Managing Director, Kinisis Ventures Ltd, USA-Cyprus
    Andreas Panayi is a serial entrepreneur and throughout his more than 30-year career in the USA, he has founded, developed, operated and sold companies in the professional services and information technologies area. Most recently, Panayi conceptualized, co-founded and launched Kinisis Ventures Limited, a business acceleration company with a specific mission to create growth opportunities for Cypriot innovation companies that previously were unable to benefit from strategic access to USA markets and business networks. Panayi, is also a founding principal and Investment Advisory Committee member of the Kinisis Ventures Fund.

    Panayi is a co-founder in TKI, a technology application development company with offices in the USA and India. He serves as a board member at TK Partners, a USA technology holdings company and teaches entrepreneurialism & new venture development classes as an adjunct professor. Prior to focusing his career being an entrepreneur, Panayi worked for a number of NY - Madison Avenue advertising agencies and spent time at a New York based technology incubator / early-stage investment fund.