• Vasilis Joseph
    Co-Founder & Director, V. G. Freyia Labs Ltd
    Vasilis Joseph is an experienced marketer and product manager, co-leading Freyia Labs, a food-tech start-up focused on clean-label, probiotic-rich, and protein-rich plant-based foods and beverages. Freyia Labs combines traditional principles with modern fermentation methods and precision fermentation technology that integrates machine learning and real-time data analytics to optimise processes, ensure high-quality outcomes, and drive innovation. Their brand, Fire Alchemy by Freyia Labs, embodies this approach.

    With 20 years experience, Vasilis has a diverse background in managing product lines and leading digital marketing efforts. His roles have included product management, production management, and overseeing short-term rental properties, which has broadened his skill set and understanding of different market dynamics. Throughout his career, Vasilis has maintained a strong focus on customer satisfaction and delivering high-quality experiences.