• Stefan Nolte
    President, Cyprus-Germany Business Association
    Stefan Nolte serves as the President of the Cyprus Germany Business Association (CGBA) since June 2016. The CGBA acts as a bridge between Cyprus and Germany, in both directions. The Association organizes and carries out activities to assist companies in Cyprus to better approach the German market, and it assists German companies to find business partners in Cyprus and to set up their presence in Cyprus. CGBA also acts as a lobby platform for its members and their industries.

    Stefan Nolte looks back to 40 years living and doing business in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. He is the founder and managing director of Shanda Consult, Nicosia.

    Shanda Consult is renowned for its expertise in business consulting and establishment, relocation of companies, localisation services for cross-border business investments, Joint Venture facilitation, business investment advisory, stakeholder communication, intercultural communication coaching, bridge-building workshops and seminars.

    Shanda Consult assist clients from the Middle East, Europe and the US.