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  • Stavriana A. Kofteros
    Vice President Board of Directors, Research Innovation Foundation, EIC Ambassador
    Stavriana A. Kofteros is the Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Research Innovation Foundation, the national Research and Innovation fund of Cyprus, member of the Investment Jury Committee of the European Innovation Council (EIC) €10bn EIC Fund for European deeptech startups and an EIC Ambassador. She has been active in the local and international startup ecosystem, as Cofounder and President of Startup Cyprus, a member of EU's Innovation Ecosystem Leaders Group under Commissioner Gabriel, member of the European Digital Leaders Network of the World Economic Forum, the EPP Expert Groups on Innovation and Digital Transition, and member of the Innovation Advisory Board of the Biosense Institute in Serbia (foodtech, agtech, food security). She is a Cofounder of the European Startup Network, and has served as Vice President and was a member of the Transatlantic Council of Allied for Startups, Brussels based startup advocacy organizations.

    She has a decade's experience in deeptech startup incubation on C-Executive and Board roles and has invested in deeptech European startups in the sectors of cybersecurity, ICT, adtech, lifesciences/healthtech, proptech, SaaS, and AI. She holds degrees in Business Administration and Political Science and has specialized in Entrepreneurship Development (EDP) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Fulbright Scholar).