• Pavel Shynkarenko
    Co-Founder and CEO of Solar Staff
    Pavel, an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in fintech and legal tech, has a passion for law and founded his first business in 2006, focusing on Internet law and digital rights protection. In 2011, he co-founded Seneschal International Consulting Limited in Hong Kong with Konstantin Lukinsky, providing tax counseling for Russian companies with international presence. Three years later, Pavel launched Solar Staff with Igor Artemenko.

    Living in Cyprus, Pavel is deeply interested in contemporary art, drawing, and photography. His "Human and AI Collaborative Art" project challenges traditional art boundaries by fostering a unique partnership between humans and AI. His art explores the evolving human-AI relationship and the nature of artistic expression. By oscillating between irony and sincerity, subjectivity and objectivity, Pavel creates a fusion reflecting modern complexities. His work offers a fresh perspective on technology's role in art, encouraging viewers to consider AI's potential to enhance, not replace, human creativity.