• Nissan Raz
    CEO & Co-founder, Robonote
    As a serial entrepreneur driven by a vision of transforming industries, Nissan founded and led three successful startups. Today, as the CEO and Founder of Robonote.io, an AI-powered SaaS, he is revolutionizing the sales industry. Drawing on his expertise as a sales strategist and call center expert, he has built a company that redefines how businesses interact with their customers.

    Robonote is not just a conversation intelligence platform. It's a catalyst for powerful insights derived from customer-facing conversations. By unearthing and translating these insights into actionable performance improvement strategies, Robonote empowers contact centers to elevate their marketing, support, sales, and product teams. Offering cutting-edge solutions for call centers, the software enables businesses to craft and personalize call scripts, and to gather, analyze, and report crucial segmentized data and conversation trends. Moreover, it provides automated notes and flags compliance gaps, ensuring strict adherence to relevant Regulatory Authorities.