• Nektarios Charalampous
    Technical and Business Operations Director, Amdocs
    Nektarios manages the Cyprus team at Amdocs Vubiquity, focusing on enhancing processes and empowering team members to achieve their best. His Computer Science and Project management background has equipped him to drive improvements that significantly benefit their operations and work environment.

    Since 2018, Nektarios has been actively exploring the fields of artificial intelligence and blockchain. These technologies fascinate him not just for their innovation but for their potential to transform and disrupt industries. He is not just a learner, but also a passionate sharer of insights and learnings on LinkedIn, where he is recognized as a Top AI Voice by the LinkedIn community. His aim is to present these complex technologies in an accessible and practical manner so that everyone can learn and benefit.

    Nektarios is passionate about continuous learning and engaging with professionals interested in leveraging technology to address real-world challenges.