• Dinos Michaelides
    Director, DGM Tech Solutions
    Fintech innovator Dinos Michaelides, Director of DGM Tech Solutions and Host of the 'Financial Frontiers – Leaders in the Field' Podcast, brings over two decades of IT acumen from grassroots technical roles to strategic leadership. His journey reflects a passion for leveraging technology within financial services, creating bridges between functionality and efficiency. Today, Dinos channels his expertise into DGM Tech Solutions, aiding brokerage firms in managing and optimizing their trading systems technology. Concurrently, through his insightful 'Financial Frontiers' podcast, he enlightens traders globally on the intricacies of retail fintech and investment safeguarding. In these pivotal roles, Dinos reaffirms his commitment to practical, user-centered advancements and transparent, empowering financial engagements.