• Alexander Sapov
    CEO&Co-founder, GetTransfer.com
    Alexander is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in IT, finance, strategic management and VC tech startups. Today he is a co-founder of the largest global travel mobility marketplace for booking transfers and hourly renting cars with drivers.

    Alexander is focusing on the mobility market and transportation solutions to make traveling around the globe more comfortable, convenient and affordable. He is passionate about brand-new approaches to his work and modern technologies which transform the world around us! He focuses on building marketplace business models and making them scalable, effective and profitable. And as a regular traveler, Alexander faces the problems all tourists experience.

    GetTransfer.com is a new way to balance the transportation market and provide both the client and the driver with fair conditions. Alexander is always open to business cooperation and professional networking with those who look at the world from the same perspective as he does.