• Aleksandra Rudis
    CEO and co-founder of game development studio Apella Games
    Aleksandra Rudis is one of the founders and the visionary CEO of Apella Games, an innovative game development studio preparing for the global release of its first major title, "Rite of Titans." With a solid foundation in Hospitality and Business Management from Vilnius University of Applied Sciences and an MBA focused on Accounting and Finance from the University of Nicosia, Aleksandra has a well-rounded academic background that complements her extensive professional experience.

    Before her role at Apella Games, she demonstrated her leadership and strategic acumen at Wargaming.net, where she progressed from Head of Administration in the R&D department to Operations Director for Global Game Design and eventually Product Director. Recognized as one of Forbes Cyprus' 20 Women in Games in the GameDev category in December 2023, Aleksandra is not only a leader in the gaming industry but also a passionate advocate for gender equality within it.

    Aleksandra's career is marked by a dedication to fostering inclusive environments and leveraging her deep industry knowledge to push the boundaries of technology and innovation in gaming. She is also a Women in Games Individual Ambassador, committed to promoting fairness, equality, and safety for women in the gaming sector.