• Aleksandra Rudis
    CEO and co-founder of game development studio Apella Games
    Studio has been established in 2020 and was inspired by the same force that drives it today: shared passion for creating games that entertain millions of players around the world. Through a mixture of adventurism and an amazing idea for a game, core team of international video game industry and entrepreneurial business professionals was set up.

    Creativity, ambition, long-term vision, drive for excellence and leadership have been in Aleksandra's life for the last 14 years while being involved in hospitality, risk management, finance, and the game industry. She was on an incredible journey serving as a Team Leader in Financial Industry, Former Operations Director in Seattle, Head of R&D Team in Minsk and Product Director in Cyprus. Aleksandra thrives on challenges, particularly those expanding business values.

    Apella Games currently has a solid in-house international development team of 50+ people, with their first F2P game Rite of Titans being available on Steam in Closed Alpha testing stage.